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The Western Addition Community Technology Center (WACTC) is a non-profit 501 (c) (3) and was established by Allen Community Development Corporation (Allen CDC) to help the citizens of the Western Addition of San Francisco move successfully into the 21st century and compete in the emerging workforce. The Center is currently helping people of all ages learn needed computer skills to bridge the digital divide, assisting in job search, resume and cover letter writing development, soft skills, tutoring, housing, clothing, food, GED class training, and much more. We welcome youth, adults, seniors, veterans, special needs, homeless, and LGBTQ. WACTC offers a wide range of high-quality, creative and professional courses, projects, programs, and opportunities that benefit the entire community. WACTC is community-based and has a strong involvement with local churches, organizations/programs, employers, schools/colleges, and city, state, and federal programs/organizations.


The Honorable Willie Brown, former mayor of San Francisco, Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi, and other key elected officials participated in the organization and ribbon cutting ceremony and grand opening in 2001. Other sponsors like Microsoft, Cisco and San Francisco State University were also honored at this ceremony for their support of the Technology Center.


WACTC has the proven success and quality programming to compete with the largest of companies and organizations in the San Francisco Bay Area. Our facility is one of the largest in the area. Our wired building is 3,000 sq. ft, and donated by the San Francisco Recreation and Parks Department in 2001. The initial 10-year lease on this facility had an approximate value of over $1.25 million. In addition, the San Francisco Department of Human Services provided a $700,000 grant to WACTC, ending in 2003. We were fortunate that the Depart of Emergency Management paid our utilities through April 2013. We are now responsible for some of the utilities. This has allowed the Center to offer free programs to those that otherwise would not have the ability to pay for training and education.


The Western Addition is an ever growing and financially stable community of San Francisco with the rise of large tech companies and large corporations in the City. But we still have areas in the neighborhood experiencing poverty, unemployment, underemployment, a high level of female single parent households, low to no skills, low education rates, alcohol and substance abuse problems, and criminal barriers. We are working to make a difference in this community and bring everyone to the same levels of financial success, increased education and job opportunities.

About US


Over 15 years of computer classes, employment resources, and social services offered.


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